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CMYKhub opts for BoxWay just-in-time solution at APPEX

It didn’t take long for the BoxWay Fitsize 2500 2BS system on the Graph-Pak stand at APPEX to find a new home. The corrugated box-producing machine proved to be the solution Dayne Nankervis, CEO of CMYKhub, was seeking to overcome many operational challenges within its wide format department.

“Every job can be unique, which can lead to unnecessary manual handling at the packing stage,” he told Labels Plus. “With the BoxWay, we’re able to create one continuous packing workflow while right-sizing the packing. We also expect the improved packaging to reduce the chance of product damage during freight.”

Local distributor Tom Ralph of Graph-Pak believes the BoxWay machines are the future of box production with custom-size corrugated box manufacturing equipment, where boxes can be made on demand, eliminating the need for extensive box warehouse management.

“Simply select the desired box type on the touch screen and a perfectly sized box will be produced instantly. This advancement revolutionises packaging practices across various industries, enabling efficient packaging with precisely sized boxes, unlike the previous limitations of only using standard or larger boxes,” he explained.

An optional 3D Scanner, weigh scale and gluer further simplify the process. Additionally, a customer can specify multi-fanfold feeding as an option. Fanfolds in a maximum of 12 different sizes can be fed into the machine. The system will automatically select the most cardboard-saving material to produce boxes.

For improving work efficiency, 200 kinds of frequently used box types and sizes can be archived in the system, which automatically saves the production data, including date, time, box type, box dimension and quantity. Besides the box types that exist in the system, users can edit their special box type on the interface.

Being able to make a box to suit a specific task offers the end user greater control and delivers the professional results required across the E-Commerce space, packaging, commercial, wide format, signage and more.

“It’s a case of one size certainly does not fit all,” emphasises Tom Ralph. “The FitSize machine provides a fantastic solution at an entry price with no lock in contracts.”


Paul Norton and Dayne Nankervis with Tom Ralph and the FitSize 2500 at APPEX

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